Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Hi lovelies

In this video you can see a colleague of mine from portugal doing Bowen. He is very good and i have a similar training with him, called iOS, which is a great development of the Bowen technique that allows us to perform a holistic assessment before, during and after the Bowen session. This specific assessment allows us to find more efficiently the muscle that is the source of the pain. Many times the source of the pain is not in the same area as the pain is and with this assessment we can locate it more accurately.

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Hi dear ones

This is the testimonial of one of my clients that did recently the Gut reset 21 days program.

" Hi, I have finished my 21 day Purify journey one month ago. I started the program because I had long term problem with my digestive system, I felt low on energy and I wanted to eat a healthier diet. After a few days of struggling with headache and generally being very weak I started to feel better, my digestive problems started to clear, my energy level increased. I started to drink milk kefir every day with my breakfast (I am still drinking one glass daily). Finishing the 21 day I started to drink milk again but try to avoid sugar and white floor. All the benefits of Purify eating stayed and I have lost 4 kg (It was’t my goal). It is very good to know I am on a road to a healthier life. "

So amazing to be able to help people like this :)

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I want to speak to you today about the Microbiome. And you ask: what is that?

Your Microbiome is a complex ecosystem within each of us that is made up of bacteria, fungi and microflora that reside primarily in the gut.

Scientist and doctors are starting to find that an unbalanced Microbiome can be the cause of many health conditions that apparently would have no connection with the gut, like Anxiety, depression, arthritis, etc.

A balanced and properly fed Microbiome is the key to unlock your best health so that:

You feel younger and happier, have more energy, sleep better, enjoy greater hormone balance, less cravings and better weight management.

An overall priceless sense of well being.

Get in touch if you want to find out more how is it that i can help you attain this gut balance through a gut reset 21 days program.