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In the beginning of 2019 i felt that i needed to do something to help spread this technique to the world and help it reach the people who need it and then i discovered that Bowen workshop group tasters is a very great way to do this. 

Everyone, at the same time, has the chance the feel and experience few Bowen moves, and by the end of the taster you can ask questions and i will tell you more about this technique while you enjoy your new state of relaxation .

You can hire me with my Relaxense, Bowen workshop taster for:

- Wellbeing parties

- Events (i can have my own stall for individual tasters too)

- Corporate events

- Alcohol and drugs free private parties 

- Charities (all profit goes to the charity) 

- Gyms 

Please bare in mind that each workshop of 1h30 minutes can have maximum 12 participants. (Minimum participantes 3).  

In order for everyone to have a nice time while relaxing with this technique, i wont be able to host Bowen taster workshops in parties in which people consume alcohol and drugs since it is not advised to perform Bowen in such circumstances.  

The prices vary, according to the location, venue and equipment provided. But in general its between £15 - £20 per person. 

Please contact me directly on 07551088078 for more details and to arrange the workshop on your event/party. 

Thank you! 

Feel Good! Be Happy!

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