I love Instantprint!

I am Olivia and since very young I knew that I wanted to help others. Along the way I learned different systems: reiki, reflexology, Chinese Medicine, yoga and when I discovered the Bowen Technique it felt like I had found my true passion. I've been in love with it ever since the beginning in 2014 and it's such an amazing feeling to see my clients getting well so quickly and improving their life and well-being in so many levels. I feel very grateful to be able to help people in such gentle and lasting way.

Another mission I have is to spread this amazing technique and make it to reach the people that need it the most and so I try to be in as many health or holistic events in Leeds as possible. For this reason the marketing materials are invaluable. 

I really love using the Instantprint services because they have nice templates, great prices, great customer service and deliver pretty fast.

Being a small young business working in a not so well known field of wellbeing like the Bowen technique, the cards but specially the flyers are very important to let people with some information that they can read and digest before they decide to go for it.

Find them at https://www.instantprint.co.uk/. I hope you will enjoy discovering this company too.

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