The Bowen technique is adapted to each person and case specifically, and it is useful for all ages, from newborn, children to seniors, with acute or chronic conditions.


It also offers great relief for athletes, pregnant ladies and people with special needs.


It addresses the body on all levels: physical, chemical, mental and emotional.


The results are spectacular for babies and animals, so Placebo effect is out of the question!


Conditions that respond very well to the Bowen Technique are:

- Stress and tension

- Back Pain

- Frozen shoulders

- Knees and hips problem

- Ankles sprains, Plantar fasciitis

- Sciatica

- Scoliosis

- Kyphosis,

- Neck and hip restrictions

- Sport Injuries

- Strengthens the body natural defenses

- Infertility

- Pain/discomfort during pregnancy

- Ovarian cysts

- Fibroma

- Endometriosis,

- Migraine

- Headache      

- Asthma

- Hay fever

- Bed wetting

- Arthritis

- Shock

- Spasms

- Adrenal Exhaustion

- Kidney problems

- Digestive tract disorders

- Depression, anxiety, grief, trauma

- Speech disorder: Verbal Dyspraxia, Aphasia

….and much more!